This is Lean uses clear, concise language and insightful examples, bringing clarification to the very essence of Lean.

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Why is Lean so often misunderstood? Here's why!
Lean is the most widespread management philosophy of our time and is currently present in every industry, yet the concept is still vaguely defined and widely misunderstood. This is Lean – Resolving the efficiency paradox was launched in October 2011 and has been translated from Swedish to English, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Polish. The book has sold over 180,000 copies. By using clear, concise language and insightful examples, the book has brought greater clarification to the essence of lean and revolutionized top-executives and employees understanding of what lean actually is.
The book also introduces the idea of the efficiency paradox, which claims that organisations’ understanding of “true efficiency” is incorrect. It suggests that when organisations focus too much on utilising resources efficiently – the traditional and most common form of efficiency – it tends to lead to an increase in the amount of work there is to do. Consequently, the more organisations try to be efficient (being busy), the more inefficient they will actually become (taking care of non-value adding but necessary work). This is Lean addresses how to resolve this paradox.
This is Lean proves the phrase “creating more value by working less” to be a realistic and logical way to run your business. How? By introducing the efficiency paradox – a brand new way of looking at efficiency. The authors, Professor Åhlström and researcher Niklas Modig at Stockholm School of Economics, presents what is referred to as the most concise, wise, easy-to-grasp and fun-to-read book on Lean.

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As experienced lecturers and academics, Niklas Modig and Pär Åhlström emphasized the importance of integrated learning to maximizing the absorption of the content of the book. As a result, the Lean Integration Program was created and launched.

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